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Top 5 Health Threats that Men Face

Living in the era of constant medical breakthroughs allows the average life expectancy of both men and women to increase. However, this increase is not uniform. Throughout the past century, women have gone from living one year more than men to five years. The main reason behind this gap is that men are 33% less likely to visit a doctor even when a noticeable issue appears. But, statistics also show that there are certain medical conditions that kill higher percentages of men than women. Following is a list of the top 5 of them:3 men

Heart disease: This is the number one cause of death among men, proving to be twice as fatal for men as compared to women. The contributing factors of having a higher risk of heart disease are obesity, frequent smoking, high levels of cholesterol and/or blood pressure, diabetes and, of course, aging. The best advice to reduce the chances of heart disease is living an active, stress-free life. Following a balanced diet also helps a lot.

Stroke: Here is another medical condition that affects a higher number of men than women. According to a recent study, it is ranked as the third leading cause of death in the United States, under heart disease and cancer. The risk factors are more or less the same as the ones of heart disease. The existence of a heart disease also increases the risk of a stroke even further. Once again, adapting to a healthy lifestyle decreases the chances of a stroke greatly.

Suicide: The suicide rate among men is four times higher than the one among women. Experts suggest that this is a result of a huge number of undiagnosed depression cases mainly because men tend to avoid discussing their health issues with others, even when they are psychological and not physical.

The gravity of this problem is huge. The National Institute of Mental Health has stated that the number of men suffering from depression in the United States is over 6 million.

Lung cancer: Lung cancer is a condition known to almost every one of us since its main cause is a very popular habit. Smoking is the usual “culprit” for the development of the condition, and since men tend to smoke more than women, they also have higher percentages of suffering from lung cancer.

Prostate cancer: This is a condition that, obviously, does not affect women because they lack the organ for that. The causes of prostate cancer are not entirely clear to scientists, but it’s a well-known fact that the major risk factor is age. Men before 40 manifest prostate cancer extremely rarely. However, it is a rather common condition for men after their 60. Luckily, the death rate from prostate cancer is not high since modern medicine can treat it effectively if it is diagnosed in an early stage.