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Viagra Reviews from both Men and Women


“My boyfriend and I had been together for a while. He once suggested trying Viagra just for fun. Well, that was quite an experience, I must say. It was like I was having sex with a complete stranger - a sexually enduring one. I would recommend Viagra to men and their partners without reservations.”



“I struggled with a very ‘non-cooperative’ penis for what seemed like endless years before I finally talked to the doctor and got a Viagra sample. Making that appointment was certainly one of the best things that happened to me in life, because I’ve never failed to perform well after that. The disadvantage is, though, that you have to take the pill every time you’re about to have sex.”



“I never had a problem with Viagra. I take it occasionally for 2 years and have never experienced any side effects, even the mildest ones. It really enhances my erections and it allows me to last longer every time I have sex. I can say it works like a charm for me, and that’s all I’m concerned with.”



“I was very hopeful when my husband got his first Viagra pill after months of struggling with ED. However, the side effects that showed right away were very frightening. His blood pressure spiked and he could barely open his eyes with the force of his headache. He got an erection that day, but sex was out of question given his state. His doctor suggested that he should try a lower dose. As a result, his erections aren’t as powerful or long-lasting as they could have been, but the 25mg pill allows us to have normal sex and keep the side effects to a minimum, so we’re happy with the compromise.”



“I’m an older man with a much younger wife, so I’ve been feeling the pressure to perform in bed. Taking Viagra the first time was quite a scary experience for me though – I was flushed and felt like throwing up for about 10-15 minutes, which really alarmed my wife. The symptoms did eventually wear off though, and we had great sex that day – two times! Unfortunately, can’t afford to use the pills on a regular basis – a bit too expensive for me since I buy only original Viagra.”



“I admit Viagra was responsible for my first sexual intercourse. I was very nervous before my first time, so I decided to take a half of the 100mg pill to be on the safe side. My first experience turned out to be something that I will always remember. I am really grateful for the magic blue pill. I’d recommend it to everyone out there.”



“I’ve been suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. I’ve tried Viagra just as an experiment and I can say that it does not work for me. It might have heightened sensation a bit, but that’s nothing major if I don’t really want to have sex to begin with.”



“There are some things in life that you never forget, such as your first erection, first orgasm or the first word of your child. Viagra made all of these events possible for me. I took it for years to treat my erectile dysfunction and it always worked for me. Surprisingly, despite being older, now I’m able to get aroused on my own, but I’m not ashamed of my past with the blue pill.”



“As a young guy with ED, I was both reluctant and desperate to try Viagra. My experience was quite a bittersweet one though. Yes, I was able to have great sex just half an hour after taking the pill, but the headache that came with it was a lot more than just uncomfortable. So does it work? Yes, if you can deal with the side effects, that is.”



“I got on Viagra not because I wasn’t able to get an erection at all, but rather because mine tended to be quite mild and short lived. Viagra helped me from the very first pill. I felt myself getting hard very quickly, and my penis was erect for as long as I needed it to. My sex life has really improved thanks to the blue pill, and my girlfriend agrees with me on this, too.”



“I jumped at the opportunity to try Viagra because I had never had a really fulfilling sexual experience, but I have to say it didn’t fix the core issue for me. I did have a better orgasm once I finally managed to get aroused, but the pill had no effects on my levels of desire nor did it get me aroused any faster.”



“As an older woman, I was starting to see my sex life deteriorate from the time I hit menopause: my vagina couldn’t produce sufficient lubrication, I barely got turned on at all and the only sensation I had during intercourse was of mild pain. Viagra definitely changed my sexual life for the better. I’m a lot more comfortable during intercourse now, and orgasms come more often. My husband is also very satisfied – he’s actually the one who gets the pills, and he jokes that I’ve become so good in bed that the pill’s effect has rubbed off on him, so it’s like I’m taking them for both of us.”



“I’ve taken Viagra once, as an experiment. I got a really good clit erection, but that was it. I also felt somewhat hangover a few hours later, so I didn’t repeat the experiment.”



“My doctor said I could try Viagra because I’d never been able to orgasm in the years since I’d lost my virginity. My first clitoris erection was a very happy surprise, and my first real orgasm wax a gift. I hope Viagra or something similar will become available for women soon.”



“I didn’t know what I was missing before I once tried Viagra to satisfy my wife a little better on our anniversary. The effect was immediate and quite notable. I personally experienced no side effects at all. So far, we have used the pill four times. It really helps spice up our intimate relationship.”