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Night Sex or Morning Sex: Which One You Prefer?

Recent studies have shown that morning sex is beneficial for one main reason: it prepares you for the day even better than morning exercise. It will benefit you physically and mentally preparing you for the variety of tasks you need to handle throughout the day.

However that’s not the only advantage of morning sex over night sex. Check out the other ones.

Boosts your morale

According to some study, morning sex can boost your morale for the rest of the day.couple wake-up Emily Morse, a sex expert, says that morning sex increases the levels of the cuddle hormone known as oxytocin. It makes you feel happy, protected, and connected to your lover for the rest of the day. In turn, those feelings give you the morale to handle your daily duties at the workplace at your best.

You can perform better

It is a scientific fact that your testosterone levels are always at their highest peak in the morning after hours of sleep. Arlene Goldman, a sex therapist, also mentioned that a good rest increases the levels of testosterone and gives you the energy needed for better and longer sex. So why embarrass yourself at night while you know you can perform better in the morning?

You are on the same 'level' with your partner

You usually are not doing the same thing your partner is during the day. As a result, at the end of the day, your energy levels will be different. In contrast, waking up in the morning, you are both equally energetic and ready to engage in good sex. According to Dr. Walsh, “There is no better time than when the day is bright, and you've rested.”

Additional benefit

During sex, the body releases lgA that works best to keep your healthier. When you get back from work, you are too tired to do anything. You might still want to engage in sex, but won't be able to perform best. As a result, your body will not release enough IgA needed to keep you healthy. On the other hand, having some rest and doing it in the morning, gives you the energy to perform better, which increases the amount of IgA released.


After long hours of work, your body wants nothing more or less than rest. Engaging in sex at this time might make you look weak. Your partner might think you are a bad performer while in sober fact you are just a bit tired. Instead, after a good night’s sleep, your body is fully rested. Both estrogen and testosterone levels are at their highest peak in the morning. So you are fully prepared for a great sex.

Be that as it may, but having sex at night or in the morning is a matter of choice in which only you and your partner have a vote.